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Illumination design ...  

who needs it?  

Any company that designs and manufactures instruments for imaging, radiant heating, or light distribution using visible, infrared and ultraviolet light.

This covers a huge range of equipment, from medical endoscopes to aircraft lights to semiconductor manufacture to energy generation. If you need to deliver light to a fiber optic, a silicon wafer, a solar collector, or a stage set, then an important part of your engineering task is illumination design.  

Every job receives my individual attention. My clients can be sure of confidentiality, service and common sense. I am a specialist, but I have worked in many technical fields and I understand the limitations that apply to your research and industrial activities. In today's difficult economy, SSG offers you sophisticated optical design for less cost and more utility.

I can put the light where you want it.

You are cordially invited to call me and discuss your job - completely confidential, no obligation. I can sign your non-disclosure agreement if needed. Let's talk about your requirements, schedule, and budget. Together we can determine how I can augment your team to get the job done.

Helen Vögele Gourley
Chief Optical Scientist

 pulsed laser diode beams